Monday, December 7, 2009

Hoarders-What You're Not Watching-NSFL

1st Hoarder-Judi

"There's feces everywhere. There's a 4 foot pile in the bathroom" That's what this episode is about. Oh no.

This lady has a job. She works in IT something or other. I always forget this people could have jobs. I don't think we've seen too many employed hoarders.

She has been using adult diapers instead of the toilet! She hasn't had plumbing so she wears diapers. Why, oh why.

"Three weeks ago Judi collapsed and couldn't get up. She was trapped in filth and almost died." It just said that on the screen. FILTH! One of my favorite words.

She set off a panic button she had installed in her house. Cops found her wearing a Snuggie(TM) and an adult diaper. That's how they found her.

She just referred to herself as living in the garbage dump. So she knows it's garbage.

We have a hoarding specialist!! What a weird specialty. I wonder if that was always his dream growing up.

This woman is big, her head makes her appear tiny. It's all shrunk like Beetlejuice.

THERE'S A 1 FOOT LAYER OF FECES THROUGHOUT THE HOUSE!!! She better just throw everything away because it's covered in crap.

"There are things she thinks are valuable under the poop Get the poop in the bags and get out. Even though its poop, there might be a hundred dollar bill at the bottom of it." Hoarding experts pep talk to the cleaners.

NO! The feces and the urine ate a whole through the bathroom floor. I can not deal with that!

She just called herself smart and ugly.

SHE TIES HERSELF TO THE TOILET AT NIGHT?! I have no idea how or why that was happening.

She ended up going to a care faculty. She couldn't be on her own anymore and her house had to be torn down. Very sad.

2nd Hoarder-Gale

Without heat and running water for 2 years. GOATS HAVE EATEN THROUGH THE WALLS! No water. No gas. She says she flushed the toilet with a bucket of water. I guess we should be proud she's not in diapers?

Her son just said he's less frightened of going to war than going to his mother's house and confronting her about her trash heap. I think her son needs to get his life together. His mom likes garbage a lot, but I don't think she'll kill him.

Apparently she inherited this mess. She got the house from her mother and it was messy and it's gotten worse.

Well, she thinks there are opossums living in the back room. She said it like it was no big thang.

They are walking level with the bed...on garbage.

This hoarder kind of looks like Priscilla Presley. A weird trash loving Pricscilla.

There are flattened rats around the house. Once again, she acted like it was no big thang.

The hoarding specialist hugged her. I think it must take a special kind of person to be a hoarding expert.

These lady seems really excited about her newly cleaned house! FINALLY, someone is grateful.

The first lady was definitely the grosser of the two.


Gary's third pottery blog said...


Fran said...

Oh God! That is all I can even say. Here's what I hate the most about that: 1. Layers of shit 2. She wears diapers 3. She ties herself to the toilet? 4. She installed a panic button in her home. What the fuck? How old was this woman?

Becky Jo said...

Wow... I feel... a little sick. I watched it today. I think there is a screw loose or a synapse not firing properly.

Also, Judi's poor daughter. What do you do with your mother when she's beyond the point of no return.

Reverend Awesome said...

One lady was middle aged and the other was MAYBE 70? 60? I'm not sure. It's hard to tell the ages.

I felt terrible for the daughter.

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