Thursday, December 17, 2009


I went and saw one of my favorite bands this past weekend, Cursive. They were great. Of course. How could they not be? Played some old stuff, played some new stuff.

Tim even removed his pants. He had long underwear on underneath his quite dapper slacks so he wasn’t standing on stage in underpants. Though that would have been fun!

Things were going along fine. Standing next to normal people when all the sudden a girl comes up with a shot glass. She wasn’t a bartender. She was just a gal that wanted to give the band some booze. I guess that would be okay if she didn’t totally steal some other girl’s spot up front. Shortly after delivering the band her booze her boyfriend came up to stand with her. He was a complete and total idiot. He was all hugged up behind her. One arm holding her and the other arm doing some sort of hip hop arm dance. It was odd and annoying. The man’s arm was everywhere. I told him that we weren’t at Snoop Dogg and could he please stop being ridiculous. He did for about 3 minutes. Then it was back to the business of being an idiot. So I took his picture thinking I could shame him into stopping. No dice. A long haired gentlemen behind me finally pushed him and told him to knock it off. He still didn’t stop. This man has no respect for anything. Also, I don’t think he had any idea where he was. Cursive is certainly not a hip hop act.

Anyways. The idiot aside, it was a spectacular show.


Becky Jo said...

I ♥ green elf pants. :)

Brian and I went to the Bon Jovi concert a couple years back. We sat behind the stage and got a good look at this very drunk woman in the front row with a man right behind her with his hands on her boobs the whole show - both of them dancing around like idiots. I can't imagine what Jon thought of that nonsense, but he just kept on singing.. after all, drunk lady paid $150 to be drunk in the front row.

Reverend Awesome said...

HAHAHA! What is the deal with people like this?! Why are you paying so much money to stand around getting to second base in front of strangers? Go to the mall and do it for free. People expect to see grossos at the mall. We mentally prepare for it.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

maybe 150 < a hotel room? Is it so you can tell the grankids "we got nearly nekkid at a Bon Jovi concert then grandad puked on Bon Jovi's shoes"

Mindless Jabber said...

Those people were so stupid. You told him several times to quit with the hand gestures, but, as you can tell from this photo, his eyes are cashed. Lame asses!

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