Friday, November 27, 2009

Witnessed on Facebook

Last night on my facebook feed I saw something special happen.

A girl I went to high school with, a year older than me, had an emotional awakening.

Within a half hour she became a fan of Glad One Zip Baggies(tm), changed her screen name and went from being engaged to single. Do you think it was her love of baggies and his overuse of foil that may have torn them apart? I guess we'll never know.

Don't worry. I don't think she was too upset about the whole cancelled engagement situation...soon there were posts in her feed about Mafia Wars.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

sheesh KC, we need some followup info, I mean, this person's life is FASCINATING

Gary's third pottery blog said...

reminds me, oh wise one, to dust off WWKD
Dear WWKD--
Does my wife need a pink tee with "Not everything in Iowa is flat" on it? I mean, talk about hilarious! And tasteless.
Also, are you predicting snow for tomorrow? Yesterday was warm and sunny and then we woke up with snow all over. I mean, that sucks--anything you can do about it? I'd like warm and sunny for the next 12 months please.
Lastly, does habanero hot sauce give you heartburn? I think it gives me heartburn.
Thanks comrade! gr

Reverend Awesome said...

Update: Today she became a fan of movies.

Fran said...

Bahahahahah! Of course she has...thank you for bringing to my attention the misery of someone else. It is amusing!

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