Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One Man's Factory is Another Man's Freedom

Have you ever felt like your entire personality was under fire? All the things you thought were great about yourself were actually really off putting?

Today was that day for me. By lunch time I didn't even feel like myself. Could hardly eat.

I've been foolishly walking around finding myself moderately charming, but was totally wrong.

Youthful, dry humor, quite possibly bitchy. Laughing a lot without telling everyone what I'm laughing at. I've got some nerve!

I'll let you in on a little secret, world. I laugh at a lot of things. I go to restaurants just to laugh at the mural, I think pants without butt pockets are a riot, I get freak out happy when a cashier that looks like Harvey Fierstein is working at Target. Don't be such an egomaniac thinking I'm laughing AT YOU. Are you interesting enough for me to laugh at? If so you should feel honored.

I'm not a delicate, little flower. Please get used to it and just let me be great.

And just because there is sexism everywhere doesn't make it ok.

End rant.

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