Monday, November 9, 2009

Gossip Girl

Eva is unavailable this evening so I will be collecting my thoughts on Gossip Girl here. I'm sure none of you watch it so just bear with me.

A disclaimer! The CW gave a mature content disclaimer. Please.

Little J cleaned up some of her eye make-up. Thank God, but she's still a fucking mess.

"Do you really think I want to spend my weekend watching women with tramp stamps work out their daddy issues?" Chuck. This is why I love Chuck regardless of any bad behavior on his part.

Knowing there is a threesome in the works makes everything anyone says seems like it's pertaining to an orgy. Ok. A threesome isn't an orgy is it? How many people have to be doing it at once for it to be an orgy?

Yes, Eric Van Der Woodsen. It is high time you screwed someone over. Just being nice all the time when everyone around you is terrible gets you nowhere!

Does Serena have to have sex with EVERYONE she encounters? Close your legs to married men! She hasn't yet, but it's bound to happen. I can tell by the music banging will ensue.

Chuck solves everything. Locks 2 girls in an elevator together to work out issues. Genius.

Little J's gloves only cover her fingers. Good lord. I can't keep up with kids these days.

16 minutes to make a threesome happen...

Ok. These people can't act drunk convincingly.

Did I guess this 3-way correctly?! I'm thinking I did! It's happening!

And they're bastardizing "Whatever You Like" well FUCK YOU. Don't have these SICKOS have a three way to this!

I am so good at guessing who's going to have threesomes. Add that to my resume.

Nate Archibald is not epic. Not by any means.

Serena is going to Tripp's office to resign? Stop by Tripp's office for some boning is more like it.

Well yeah. Of course it will be ugly in the morning if you wake up with Dan and Vanessa. Her hair is made out of road kill.

The end.

Can someone explain to me why I like this show again?


Eva M. said...

you like this show because it is awesome. no explanation is needed. high society train wrecks.

man chuck is so hawt.

that was a good one. it's coming back!

Reverend Awesome said...

I think it's my immense hatred for some of the main characters that makes me question why I keep coming back. Chuck and Blair.

I guess it's also good to see those characters I hate get screwed over.

I concur on Chuck.

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