Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bean Mom

Let me talk about my Mom for a second. My Mom is a fun enthusiast. You might think everyone is, you would be wrong.
Who hates fun? People that like to swim around in misery and act like their lives are harder than everyone else’s. You know the type. That type is not my Mom.
She is always up for ANYTHING. I love it. I hope in 20 years when I’m her age I’m just like that. I guarantee you if she didn’t have something already going on, anything I called and asked her to do with me she would do. She’s fun like that. No matter how silly it is.

Tonight she’s going to see the new movie in what is being called “The Twilight Saga” New Moon. She’s going at midnight with her sister. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! First they are going to the showing of Twilight. “I never saw it in theaters” she told me.

You all know this sort of thing is not for me. This Twilight franchise, but my Mom can do as she pleases. It makes her happy. She loves the books. She loves all of it. Her love of it all both delights me and confuses me. Whatever. Do your thing, Mom! Be a Twihard.

Bean Mom is an inside joke. Kind of. I'm leaving it inside for now.


Becky Jo said...

Damn! I was looking for someone to go to Twilight/New Moon with. I know you aren't a fan, KB, but I got sucked in, and there's no returning from the vortex that is Twilight.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Your mom is clearly BAMF of the YEAR :)

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