Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Ace of Freaking Cakes!

This Saturday we went to the Food+Wine Expo. As a lover of both food and wine I was pretty excited. Mostly I was excited because Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes was going to be there.

Andrew Zimmern was also there. I used to enjoy his Bizarre Foods show, but you can only watch a person eat so many testicles before it loses it’s magic.

He and Mary Alice were there giving demonstrations. The one we saw was fixing fuck-ups. Apparently Mr. Zimmern had messed up their cake by whacking it with a knife. They were basically just talking and enjoying themselves. Fielding questions, mostly from kids. (And adults that asked questions you’d expect from kids)

They seem just as happy to be doing what they’re doing in real life as they do on the show. Duff is always cracking up about things. He’s an enthusiastic little ball of energy. Must be fun to work with him.

If you watch Ace of Cakes you’ll know that Duff is an avid hater of cupcakes. He decided to take his frustration at the little things out with a hockey stick. Why? Cuz he’s made of fun, that’s why.

So he was lobbing out cupcakes and said he couldn’t slap shot them because they would explode. He “proved” it...there was no explosion. Someone just got nailed with a cupcake. It was awesome. There’s video. It's shaky and may require dramamine to watch, so I won't post it.

Oh and here’s the finished fuck-up fixed cake. Cute as hell. My baking hero.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

You KNOW KC that if I made cakes I would aspire to make a cute cake like that :)

Peter said...

Somehow, I'd wish we would be able to have a dessert-exchange :-)

(I'm from Belgium, and as desserts are an art-form we inherited from the French, American desserts often leave us awe-struck)

Becky Jo said...

Anything is possible with fondant.

Reverend Awesome said...

Peter-I've made a penis cake and boob cake. I found them awe inspiring!

Becky Jo! Harvest needs to end!

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