Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Buses, Booze and Non-Babies

I had entirely too much fun to take a lot of pictures. The party was in honor of a coworkers departure to Colorado. Becky Jo was there! My friend Fran came. My pro-fun coworkers came. It was swell and totally worth the hangover on Saturday.

Heath and I started off the evening by karaokeing The Humpty Dance. We had a fan. She was dancing all slutty for us (and her boyfriend) and cheering. So she’s our new best slutty cowgirl friend. Everyone should have one. After that we went to another karaoke bar and Fran and I sang Run DMC, It’s Tricky. Minds were blown, nachos were eaten. Good times. After that we went to the gay bar where there is “Always a Double, Never a Cover” Then we were dropped back off where we started and walked the 9 blocks back to my apartment. I’m sooo happy everyone came out and made it such a splendid evening. Heath and I made the best soundtracks for a bus party in the history of time. It’s true. Ask an attendee.

Becky Jo and I had a slumber party and chit chatted ourselves to sleep. I love falling asleep that way. Mid-running my mouth.

Sunday was Sample Sunday again. This time we got to take the best people in the universe!!!! Tori and Alyssa. Such sweeties. Never asked for anything.

We got henna tattoos. Tori was the first to agree. The lady asked her, “Would you like a tattoo?” “Yes! Are you going to use a needle?” Tori did get offended when she was told that kids got free tattoos. “I’m not a baby” We all assured her that she was, in fact, quite huge and decidedly non-baby. There was a hay maze, there was a baby cow, there was pony rides.

How much freaking fun are we?


Becky Jo said...

More fun than I can remember, I think. :)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

you are HUGE fun and I want a pony!

Fran said...

You're the best aunt in the whole world!

Reverend Awesome said...

Tori and Alyssa bring out my Aunty A game.

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