Thursday, September 10, 2009

BFF's Birthday!

Tomorrow is my best friend Heath's birthday. He's the most awesome person anyone will ever meet in their life!

As his husband says, we are each other's choir. If one of us says something the other is standing there nodding our head saying, "uh huh!" "It's true!" He can't argue with us.

We write books together. I scurry to his desk dozens of times a day to inform him of something only we find significant. We come up with the BEST nicknames. He's just the greatest friend anyone could ever ask for.

This picture was taken when we were at a coworkers house. We ate an entire pan of brownies and thought that no one would notice that we were in the kitchen for a half hour "fixing a drink". Much to our surprise everyone noticed that entire pan of brownies disappeared.

Happy (almost) Birthday to Heathy!!!


Becky Jo said...

Happy Birthday Heath! :)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

the man behind the books!!! AH HA!
YES, happy birthday Heath :)

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