Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Weekend.

I had another moderately exciting weekend. It’s like I have a life of some sort. Anything other than sitting around watching TV makes me feel like a social butterfly.

(Art by Alyssa Baker)

I went and checked in on little T Saturday morning. Took her some flowers and chicken and stars soup. She was fine/wonderful. Playing outside and just being her awesome self despite having surgery the day before. Nothing ever bothers that girl. After that I hit up a new store in Dallas Center. I should first mention DC doesn’t really have any place to get anything other than a gas station and neighbors. UNTIL NOW! A new store called Baker’s Pantry moved into mainstreet. It’s so awesome. It’s run by bonnet people (sort of amish, they’re actually Bretheran but my family calls them “bonnet people”) It’s wonderful! I got loads of spices, mixes, a bag of cheese balls and a can of strawberry soda.

After that I headed to Kung Fu to hang with my buddy, Phil. There was singing, there wasn’t puking. It was a good time.

Sunday we hit the fair. It wasn’t too hot and it also wasn’t too busy so we had a swell time. I could have done without the giant testicles right and left but other than that, good times.

I had an incident, of course. It’s like I can’t go anywhere without doing at least one assy thing. I decided the fair was the perfect place for me to dress how I never dress. I wore shorts and sandals. My logic being there were enough things there to distract people from my white legs and how weird I walk in sandals. I just find it hard to walk normal while concentrating so hard on keeping sandals on my feet. Well I clearly wasn’t worried about it on the sky glider (a ski lift sort of ride across the fair) midway through our ride off goes my sandal. It was like slow motion. I yelled as it fell “OH NO!!” and a guy got it and ran with the sky glider attempting to throw it to me. Couldn’t catch it. Finally he just let it set on a fence post near the end of the ride. Thank you, stranger!

I love this drawing. Saw it at the Fair. It makes me want to draw my family in skeletal form.

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gary rith said...

Hey, weren't there any PIGLETS at the fair????

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