Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Niece, My Hero

So, my favorite person in the whole entire world had an operation yesterday. Little Tori. She has arthritis and so she had an operation to hopefully keep it from spreading any further.

She's SOOO brave. Her mom said the only thing she said about getting an IV and things was "ouch, ouch, ouch" So she's very clearly a freaking bad-ass little girl. She's amazing.

I talked to her Mom last night and she said on the way home Tori and little Alyssa had a long phone call. Tori was telling her baby sister all about what happened. Those two are just the sweetest little things in the world. And no one better ever mess with either of them cuz the other one will not stand for it. T is very protective of her baby sister.

Here she is on her way to Iowa City for her operation, watching a movie.

After she got her first IV. Hanging out on Dad's lap.

Sleeping. She says she looked like Great Grandpa Bill with all the tubes hooked up to her.

Trying to wake up from her anestesia. Hanging on her Dad's lap again.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

ooooh! She sure is tough alright. Nobody, esp. a little person, should have to go through this, but I admire her.

Reverend Awesome said...

I went and visited with her today. Took her some purple flowers, soup and ice cream. She was out playing outside. Showed me where all the needles went in. She told me that she wasn't nervous about her operation and, once again, explained the whole big/little elbow situation.

Becky Jo said...

What a little trooper. I detest needles and despise anyone who comes near me with one, so kudos to little T for being more brave than a 28 year old woman. :)

Anonymous said...

look at her! smiles in the face of needles and tubes! i hope the surgery is a success.

Reverend Awesome said...

I hope so too! She's far too busy to have to worry about arthritis.

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