Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dark Waters and Pornography

Friday evening I went pontooning with my friend Fran and little e. I had a minor meltdown by the end of the evening. I’m sort of (insanely) afraid of dark water. Well we didn’t hit the water until 630 so I was semi-mentally prepared for the darkness. There were lights. Well the lights stopped working and I lost my marbles. So there we were, boating in the pitch blackness. I survived. Obviously.
I introduced them to the wonder that is KC-itos. They were huge fans! Eva even said, “this might be my new favorite drink” We just hung out and had girl chat out on the pontoon. Time flies when you’re girl-talking, that’s how we ended up in the dark.

Saturday afternoon I went to Kung Fu Tap and hung out with friend, Phil. By 2 pm a woman was out in the parking lot puking. You’ll have that. I think everyone could see that coming. Here are the stools at the bar.

Super cool! All the trees were salvaged from an old construction site. I also went shopping and gathered together items to send overseas to my brother. So, hopefully he’ll be thrilled with his package. One item I forgot to purchase was cat food. He’s made a cat friend over there. Oops. Maybe the cat will like strawberry sugar wafers. Tori Kitten and Whitey tried to be shipped off to little Kyle Wayne.

Sunday I went with my parents and sister to Sample Sunday at Prairieland Herbs, Northern Prairie Chevre and Picket Fence Creamery.
It was SUPER fun! Good lord my Dad bought a lot of stuff. I knew he would have a great time. I had never been, but I knew he would love it. I got myself some ice cream, lavender body spray and some strawberry jam. I can’t even remember what all my dad bought. We saw cute little goats, tiny ponies, puppies.

There was a hay maze, corn that you dug around in to get prizes. I dug out a couple super balls for Tori and Alyssa. Awesome times. You know what is super tall? Corn.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

EEEk! That's tall.
OMG you are SO LUCKY to have such an awesome trashy bar with logs....

Reverend Awesome said...

I know! That's how children can conduct their cult killings, no one can see them.

YEAH! The bar is awesome!

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