Monday, July 6, 2009

Successes and Failures

The Baker BBQ was a huge success! I’ll include a list of all the toiletry items Wayne received. He’s going to smell so nice.

This BBQ also served as an opportunity for me to discover what a failure I am at croquet. Seriously. That game is not for true Americans such as myself. Americans frisbee golf. Unlike the rest of the Baker’s I am god awful at ALL sports. Everyone else has all this athletic prowess. I went out for basketball in Jr. High. I watch a video of myself playing now and I suffer post-middle school embarrassment disorder for myself. The polyester uniforms didn’t help either.

Tori was SUCH a good helper yesterday. Her little sister was sick and had to stay home so T helped us get ready for the big event. She decided she was the Mom and I was the daughter. One time I slipped and called her Tori...”You called me Tori. Did you mean to say ‘Mom’?” Yes I did. She introduced herself as my mother. I was “daughter” and sometimes “sweetie.” Tori made a beautiful bouquet for the party. I put out the vase, handed her the flowers and here’s what she made.

This is what my parents kitten does. (Her name is Tori-Kitten) She gets on top of the curtains right up by the ceiling and just hangs out. I asked if I should get her down. Nope, she can get down. I wasn’t really asking for the sake of the kitten but for the curtains but that’s okay.

On Saturday Kyle and Brittanie made us some delicious cavatelli. He would not allow us to help out. At all. He got a wee bit belligerent about it actually. Here he is modeling the cavatelli and also modeling how he modeled the cavatelli.

The BBQ Loot
8 wash cloths
2 hand towels
3 towels
62 bars of soap
4 shampoo and conditioner
2 insect spray
15 pair of black socks
7 shaving cream
81 razors
11 tooth paste
6 dental floss
1 vaseline
16 chap sticks
5 deodorant
1 mouth wash
1 sun block
1 after sun gel
2 cocoa butter
6 tooth brush
2 q-tips
4 soap dishes
1 sewing kit
5 gums
6 propel power packets

To sum up here is what we've learned: People HATE Canada. People love Kyle Wayne and America. Also, no one wants Kyle to be stinky.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

That is the funniest looking kitten I have ever seen!

Kasey aka Captain Awesome said...

It's sooo cute. I love that little kitten. She's very soft.

Becky Jo said...

2 q-tips? Is that two boxes or two actual q-tips? I'll buy him some more... that's only one day of clean ears. He'll be all earwaxy otherwise.

That's a LOT of stuff... does he have a bag to carry it all in?

Kasey aka Captain Awesome said...

It's two boxes. So there will be more than a day of clean ears.

Yeah he's got a bag. It is a lot of stuff so I'm not sure if it would be easier to just ship it all out in a flat rate box.

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