Friday, July 24, 2009

Something Not So Great

Most of this blog is good times so excuse me for a moment...

Sometimes bad things happen on facebook. I'm not talking about too many/not interesting status updates. Not poor choices in profile pictures but terrible things.

My friend posted a video that Lindsey Lohan had done for Funny or Die. Now, I feel I must say I'm not a Lohan fan myself. I wish nothing but good things for her, just not my cup of tea. The video was indeed very funny. Worthy of sharing and he wrote "I'm glad to see she can make fun of herself." Yes indeed!

So this video stirred something within a man that my friend is facebook friends with. It wasn't an "LOL" it wasn't a "her movies are terrible!" or "I love her in mean girls" it was the following. I must warn you, my friends, you will see me be not very nice.

Adam Moraine I used to think she was hot. Then she started diggin' the hole NOT the pole. Now she just disgusts me. Hey, anyone wanna buy an autographed 8 x 10 photo of Lindsay Lohan? My asking price is $75.00. The photo depics Lindsay from a scene in "Herbie: Fully Loaded". It was signed September 20, 2005 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA at the "Teen Vogue Awards".

Kasey Baker "started diggin' the hole NOT the pole. Now she just disgusts me." I'm sure she's heartbroken to have lost the admiration of a wordsmith such as yourself.

Adam Moraine

I care what you think of me.... because why? Oh wait, I can care less what you, some young, coke snorting, binge drinking, hollywood dyke (Lindsay Lohan) or any other hater thinks of me. Thank you, for your ignorant flattery. As usual it was taken with a chuckle and smirk on my face. Next please!


Mr. Adam J. Moraine

Kasey Baker
It's "couldn't care less". Sorry, pet peeve of mine.

So, just to clarify...she was hot when she accepting penises into her vagina but things being as they are...the whole lesbian thing, she's gross?

Yes, I am the ignorant one. While you refer to lesbians as dykes.

I get it. She was hot to you when she was a minor.

Adam Moraine
1. Thank you, for the English lesson 101.
2. She is beyond gross. She is a nasty a_ _ b_ _ _ _ who needs to get c_cked rocked in all three holes by Peter North (
3. How would you like me to refer to lesbians/dykes/bulldaggers? Please keep in mind I am NOT a gutless, politically correct liberal.I am a hardcore conservative/Republican. I tell it like it is and speak my mind very truthfully. I do not beat around the bush about anything.
4. 18 years old makes her an adult NOT a minor. BTW..... if there's grass on the field..... PLAY BALL!

Kasey Baker
1. You're welcome.

3 & 4. You're a hardcore something. Asshole comes to mind. I'm sure that young lady you are holding in your profile pic will one day be shamed to have been photographed with such a sexist pig. Treat women with some respect. I take it you don't have a girlfriend or any prospects right? "if there's grass on the field..... PLAY BALL!" The gutless, politically correct liberals are lucky to not have you in their ranks.

Yes. I am Kasey and I get in arguments on the internet.
Also, God help us all.

Update: Adam
He has a daughter and that's how he talks about women.


maude said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gary said...

If I am walking in a dark alley? Or facing 3 large gentlemen with switchblades? Or maybe jumping into a large pirahnna tank? I want YOU, KB, at my side. You have brains and guts.
Fork this ignorant redneck dude....

gary said...

I was accidentally signed in as SHE :)

Kasey aka Captain Awesome said...

Oh thanks. It's a bit silly of me . . . arguing with a stranger on the internet but, I had to comment. And then comment again and again.

Mindless Jabber said...

Kasey, I am always proud of you for defending. Many of times I have been fortunate to witness it. I'm glad the times I don't get to witness it, you can now blog about it. It's never silly to tell idiots that they are idiots.

labk7967 said...

I love it Kasey! One thought comes to mind...the one who barks the loudest (or in this case, oinks) usually is hiding something...I think he is afraid of what he really knows about himself...if only his blood was as blue as ours, he would be so free!

Reverend Awesome said...

Yes. I think my friend Dave said it best when he said, Intelligence whispers; stupidity screams with a bull horn and a P.A. system.

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