Monday, July 27, 2009

Kung Fu Tap & Taco Revisted

This past Saturday I went to my friend’s work again around 1 pm. There was a pretty large group of people in for some midday boozing. Which is a-ok by me.

There were a few creepsters that made their way in. I used that opportunity to check out the rest room (as I had forgotten to last time) and send distressed texts to my friend. He moved my drink to the far end of the bar, weirdos in turn left, all was well in the world. They didn't even stay to finish their drinks. Yay, Phil!

I was made some concoction that was called a “f*ck yeah” it tasted like kool-aid and was meant to be taken as a shot. I am a sipper, not a shotter. So, I sipped. I was assured there was indeed alcohol in it despite it’s fruity taste.

My friend was playing awesome music, as is his wont. Ike Reilly, The Hold Steady and Weezer. For some reason we were watching The Scorpion King on the television behind the bar. This brought about some other patrons giving their friend the nickname Rock Johnson.

So yes, minus the giant weirdos, it was another excellent visit.

And now, by absolutely zero demand, here are the restrooms.

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