Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Sister Day

Saturday was Big Sister Day. A holiday invented by Tori and myself. We went to an IMAX movie and then wandered the Science Center. It was T's first IMAX experience. She LOVED it.

At first she was afraid.
"It's dark" (lights dim more) "NOW IT'S EVEN DARKER!"
I just held her hand and she was ok. Once the movie started she was really OK. No hand holding necessary.

There weren't too many people in there so they heard everything Tori had to say about the film. We watched "Under the Sea"

Tori often asked me why fish were doing what they were doing. In a regular speaking voice which was hilarious. I told her she had to talk quiet in a movie so she cupped her hands into sort of a megaphone and loudly whispered the questions to me...until she forgot we were supposed to be quiet. It was a riot. She knew a lot of the fish and things from Nemo.

Then out of nowhere she asked me, "Why are we moving?" she was fine with it she just wanted to know why it was happening. I explained to her that we weren't moving it just looked like we were moving. Well that was not alright. I could see the panic in her eyes and she loudly asked me, "WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE WE'RE MOVING?!" Now I have learned, from all the lies my parents told me (and I believed) in response to questions like that, she WILL remember my answer. So I thought about it..."It's just so big that it seems like we're moving because it's everywhere" That seemed to satisfy her. I will never tell her that cruise control drives the car itself you just have to tell it where to go.

Tori is a fan of telling everyone all of our business. I love it. She gets so excited she has to declare to the world all of our intentions. "I need to go potty!" she told the ushers.

After exploring we hit up the gift shop and picked ourselves out some kites and she picked one for little sister that was waiting at home for us. Then we stopped at Nan's Nummies and Tori picked out a cookie for herself and little sister, Alyssa.

I'm going to have to create the Big Sister-Little Sister holiday soon to hang out with little Alyssa. She definitely would not have cared for that IMAX.

It was a wonderful day.
And so was Friday...


Becky Jo said...

You're such a fun auntie. :)

I love the IMAX. I've only been there once, but it was very cool. I also felt a little weird, like we were moving.

Mmm... unnaturally blue frosting... tasty!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

SMURF mouth!

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