Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Animals Being Awesome

Oh animals. They are so wonderfully weird. Here are some prime examples of them busy being great.

This is just Dink-E existing. She's a bat dog when she lies on her back!

This was in ever amazing Dallas Center, IA.. Every year we have a Fall Festival (in the Summer, obviously) Fall Festival includes a parade. A man was part of the parade and was walking his ducks. As you can see they were well trained and highly fashionable ducks..

And this is my little Afeni (named after Tupac's mom) She's hanging out on my bike basket, in a bag. Chillin' like a villain.

These are my dear friends Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Eleanor Roosevelt. Their names make them destined for greatness. They drink out of the faucet.

The birds minus the bees. Some birds doing it in front of everyone at the zoo in Kansas City.
My parents used to have cockatiels and they always seemed to engage in acts like this when we had company over. Shameless exhibitionists. They would make absurd and disgusting noises.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I love Dink's collar!
And you have a grey tiger too??????

Becky Jo said...

ROTFLMAO. Seriously. Where the hell do you get this stuff? Dressed up DuCkS?! I love them. I want to get some ducks, and maybe a goose with an attitude problem. :)

I love Dink-E. Pugs do have a tendancy to resemble strange and frightening things... one of my Mom's pugs resembles a mobster. That's why her name is Mugs.

My mom still has my pet cockatiel. Her name is Ariel, and she's alone, so no hanky panky, but she can whistle the fight song and Yankee Doodle. :)

Kasey aka Captain Awesome said...

Ruth and Eleanor are my friend Heath's cats. They are awesome. I cat sit them a lot.

Hang around DC and you run into a lot of weird stuff. Fall Fest is at the end of August. Come on out!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


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