Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My little brother Kyle (I call him Wayne) is being deployed at the end of July. It’s hard to say it out loud without crying so I just try to avoid it. He’s a Marine and a lover of cats. And just an all-around awesome guy.

He is coming home this Friday for 16 days! 16!! Weee!

So that will be super fun and action packed. I am going to try to make sure every minute is fun-filled for him. I will be a fun-pusher. I am well aware that could get annoying. I don’t care. I’m an unapologetic pest like that. We can go to Cougar Night and hope for cigarette butt smokers! He was thrilled with that story. That lady is little Wayney's new hero. Which is upsetting to me because I thought I was his one true hero.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Deploying? Absolute best wishes for his safety!

Becky Jo said...

Kasey Dawn, if anyone is a funster, it's you. Take him to Cougar Night, but don't let any of those old bats take him! =)

Kasey aka Captain Awesome said...

Thanks for the safety wishes and the declaration of funster-dom.
I'm excited for the fun.
It's Wednesday and whoever it was that answered his phone told me he was packing so he must be pretty pumped about coming home as well.

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