Friday, June 5, 2009

Professor Kasey

This post isn’t actually in DC, it’s NEAR DC.

One day my family was out driving by the Raccoon River, as is our wont. We keep cruising along through the country and I notice something in the trees at the back end of a corn field. A cemetery. Of course I wanted to check it out. This was an adventure for my Dad and I. My Mom waited in the car. My mom and I went back later and took these pictures.

After some internet searching I discovered the name of the cemetery, Kimrey Cemetery or Minburn Cemetery. The headstones in the cemetery date back to around 1850.

The Story:
The story goes that a family was traveling westward in search of a place to call home. They were forced to stop because of illness with their children, who eventually died of typhoid. John Kimrey donated about two acres of land from his homestead so this family could bury their children. This being the location of this cemetery. These graves have become lost, since there were no stones available for headstones at the time.

This cemetery was all the more interesting because there was just one recent addition and my dad knew the person. He had gone to school with him and my Dad thinks he had died of AIDS.

The Dallas County Recorder website linked to an old brochure of Dallas County Cemeteries with this illustrated cover (which I think is super cool. I wonder who did it). The brochure contains the line:
If a group of pine trees are standing alone on a country road, nine times out of ten it’s a cemetery.

There is also a short write up about the cemetery:
This private cemetery is a lovely timbered spot with large cedar and spruce trees planted years ago. The first burial was in 1848, when Adam Vineage buried his wife in an old wagon box in a crude grave.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Oh wow, that is so old! Thanks for all this perfessor....

Captain Awesome said...

You are most welcome!

Becky Jo said...

You are quite the explorer... that's interesting about the pine trees next to a dirt road. It makes sense... why else would the pine trees be there?

Where was this cemetery? Was it off HWY 169 south of Minburn? I might have seen it before...

Very cool that you're an explorer. I can't get Brian to stop for interesting stuff like that.. hurry hurry hurry.

Captain Awesome said...

Yeah, it's hard finding people that want to explore. Luckily my Dad was in an exploring kind of mood that day and my Mom was feeling adventuresome enough to go back with me.

It was on a gravel road. I'm not sure what it was called.

I would like to try to find more hidden cemeteries now that I found that quote about the pine trees.

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