Monday, June 15, 2009

Fun City, USA

This weekend I had a slumber party with my most favorite people, Tori and Alyssa.
Here’s a rough outline of our 24 hours together.

We met up at 3:30, they were hungry and we wouldn’t be eating for a couple of hours so we went to McDonalds, it had a play land. They were shocked when I answered “of course” to their request to go into the play area. So we went in there and ate a little bit to tide us over until Chuck E Cheese time. Tori told the cashier how old her and Alyssa were, unprompted and let him know that she would be spending the night at my house. There was this giant tube to crawl though. It was like the things hamster play in but it was for children. Tori took to it right away. Alyssa was frightened. When she couldn’t stand it anymore, she made her way up the tubes. She got stuck. I heard “Kasey! Kasey! I need you to get me! Kasey!” Up the tube I went. I rescued my little princess. She was grateful.

We then made our way to my apartment. It was raining so some plans were ruined. We were going to go to my friends house and check out his tree house. They were excited about that prospect. Tori told me, “Heath. I know him.” She does.

Around 6:15 we packed up to go pick up Scott from work. “Why did you take so long?” was Tori’s first question. Off to Chuck E Cheese! We had coupons and gift certificates and we were ready. We got our hand stamped to prove that we weren’t stealing kids. I don’t know who would want to steal any of the kids in there but whatever. We played games while waiting for our pizza. My parents used to always make us wait until after eating to play. That seems like torture so I changed that rule. We ate, we played, we got our prizes.
Veni, Vedi, Veci.

Headed back to my place and finger painted and painted some sun catchers. When we were painting Alyssa told me, “you always teach us things, Kasey” Professor Kasey. They got their degrees in FUN.

That got us right around WAY after bed time so I put in some Fraggle Rock, we put on glowing bracelets instead of using a nightlight and we hit the hay. Usually there is a lot of talking around bed time. Declarations of love, laughing and what not but, they were too worn out this time.

Around 3 AM I was woken up by Tori telling me that Alyssa was touching her. I moved to the middle and so that solved that crisis.

8 AM we got out of bed and poured ourselves a bowl of Lucky Charms and turned on cartoons. Tori asked for water and I said, “Would you rather have OJ?” “Yes!! What is OJ?” We watched some cartoons, I showered then put them in the tub. Got ourselves ready to hit the town.

First we hit up the Bread Outlet, got a few loaves of bread. Tori, once again, told the cashier all our business. “This is my bread and this is my-little-sister-Alyssa’s bread. We are feeding the ducks.”

Then we went to the cemetery to feed the ducks and geese. Geese are pushy little bastards. I had to run them off. Bread hogs.

After that we went to Dahls and picked up some chicken and stuff for a picnic at the park in Waukee. So we ate that. Played on the playground. Watched a hawk kill a baby bird and get attacked by smaller birds while eating it.

Good times, fo sho.

Then around 3 I dropped them off at home and came home and took a nap. Then off to karaoke for my friends 30th! I sang Tricky by Run DMC and the Humpty Dance. Minds were blown, including the Captain's.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

OMG you are the best auntie on earth!!!!

Captain Awesome said...

They are the best nieces in the universe.

Becky Jo said...

Holy crap, that is one hellava sleep over. Fraggle Rock, Lucky Charms, DUCKS!!??? That's a ton-o-fun packed into one day.

I think it's hysterical when kids tell complete strangers everything. Do they feel like the strangers are missing out, so they want to include them in the party, or do they just enjoy rattling on about anything? Either way, they're on the fast track to being well rounded extroverts. :)

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