Sunday, June 7, 2009

The End of an Annoying Era?

I just noticed there was a new commercial for free credit report (dot) com. I am hoping this means no more of the singing slacker that blames all his life problems on his credit. The new one was a woman with a bad credit score that was taking the form of a dog-like creature. It was behaving poorly so she had to scold it.

That stupid guy and his whining was really getting to me. It wasn't even the singing that was the worst (though that was bad, terribly bad). I don't understand why he was blaming his crap job as a pirate on a bad credit score. Maybe you have a crap job because you're an entitled idiot. Does poor credit relegate a person to becoming a theme waiter?

THE WORST is the one where he says he could be a happy bachelor with a dog and a yard if he wasn't with this girl and her bad credit. He's got his band over in her parents basement. I think she has more to complain about than him. He's a theme waiter, he had a crap car with vinyl seats WHICH HE TRADED IN for a bicycle and the dude hangs out at renaissance fairs. Also, it's her parent's house, show some damn respect.

So hopefully this new commercial is a sign he's out of my life.


Becky Jo said...

Yeah, I've had enough of that too. Commercials in general (sorry, advertising industry) bother me greatly. Have you seen that Cheerios commercial where the guy says "Oh, whole grain cheerios.. are you trying to watch your weight?" and biatchy wife says "No, do I look like I need to watch my weight?" and so on and so on. I put my fingers in my ears and leave the room, it's so horrible.

Captain Awesome said...

Yes, sexism abounds in advertising. All us women want to do is eat yogurt and hope it makes us crap. Oh and losing weight. WE MUST ALWAYS BE THINKING OF LOSING WEIGHT. It is swim suit season after all. Let's not forget that.

"What else does the box say?" Yeah I've seen that commercial.

Come on...some of it is entertaining!

I like looking through old advertising.

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