Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Day We All Huffed

Do you recall playing with B’Loonies as a child? Perhaps not by name...

Have you ever put a wad of gooey, toxic plastic at the end of a short straw and blown into the straw to make a sticky balloon?
Well that’s what we did today. Heath and I finished eating our lunch early so we went to Wal-Greens to mill about. There were many items of interest.

Such as:
A plastic snack dish that looked like a hawaiian t-shirt.
Clearance tuna
Clearance yeast infection treatment
A mug with a t-shirt inside.
Vaginal lubricant that lasts 4 days FOUR DAYS!

Then I saw B’loonies. It was a must have item. When I purchased my B’loonies the cashier asked me, “Did you find everything you need?” Absolutely, I did. This is all I have ever and will ever need.

So yeah. We blew up B’loonies. First and foremost they are fun. They may have gotten us high. They are not crazy flammable like the package declares. They stick to the ceiling. They cause giggle fits. They aren’t very easy to master. (Don’t mean to brag but, I could get a PhD in B’loonie blowing) In the words of Allison the huffer from Intervention, it was like walking on sunshine.

Seriously. This is a toy for kids. My brother and I used to do these. My parents must have liked us better when we were stoned. Who wouldn't?


Becky Jo said...

I remember that crap! It smelled like rubber cement and you'd get all googly-eyed after trying to blow them up. Those are quite impressive, I must say. I don't think I ever got my toxic orange glue bubbles that big. Congratulations. :)

Captain Awesome said...

It smells like heaven. Hallucination-inducing heaven.

I am Dr. B'loonie.

JenB37 said...

I can't believe they aren't terribly flammable. Anything that smells like that should go up in flames at the mere suggestion of fire.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Frankly, those baloons are perfect. You are the MASTER Dr. B'loonie.

Captain Awesome said...

I know, Jen! I was quite shocked as well. In the process of blowing them up I declared (in my most likely high state), "I bet I can breathe fire!"

Both Sides of Ben Marlan said...

Those were awesome! i totally remember the alcohol/plastic/this-cant-be-so-good-for-me smell that was kind of addictive. Like those magic markers that smelled like licorice. yum.

Captain Awesome said...

My mom used to work at a middle school and the rubber cement they ordered smelled like skunk to keep the kids from sniffing it.

Why can't they just let the kids get a little buzz?

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