Thursday, June 4, 2009

Date with Danger (I've named my bike, Danger)

Last night was an awesome, relaxing evening spent with my bike. We took a trip down to Grey’s Lake.
It was a lovely ride and we were only bothered by one person along the way. So that was nice.
I have never been on this bike trail as I am only a recent full-time bike-enthusiast. It was very pretty.
It went along side the river. I even got to see where the homeless have set up camp across the river. Which was fascinating for me.

It’s weird because other people that own bikes treat me as though I’m in some special club. When I got into the elevator it was all bike talk. Which I guess is more interesting than the usual talk about the weather and stuff. Ok. There was a mention of the weather. About how it’s awesome bike riding weather!

Also, I don’t think I’ve updated you, dear readers, about my basket installation. It was a success! I even helped. This photo makes it appear as though I was “helping” in quotes but I was helping sans quotes! I took the basket off the old bike, held things in place.

Tonight is the first night breaking out the super fan shirt. Also, brought along a couple jugs of booze to help the game along. Booze is my “sports” drink. See, those quotes were necessary. That’s a lesson for you, kids.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

basket on bike for booze????

Captain Awesome said...

Booze will certainly travel via basket at some point. Just as god intended.

Becky Jo said...

And a pug, if Dink-E will fit. Go ahead, stuff your smashface dog in there. He'll love it, and not only will you belong to a special bike club, but all pug owners/enthusiasts will be your bestest friends.

That looks like a good time, btw. Sometimes I miss being within biking distance of... anything. :\

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