Monday, June 22, 2009

Dad Day

It was an interesting Father’s Day for the Baker household. My Dad wasn’t home! He had been up at the Boundary Waters fishing with his friend since Wednesday, having a great time. A much needed break. He took his boat up there.

My Dad is super awesome. I love my DAD! We are very much alike so that explains my awesomeness. I hit the genetic jackpot. He’s either not talking or talking very loud. Everyone knows where they stand with him. Even if he’s saying something you disagree with he says it in a funny enough way that’s it’s hard to argue. You just have to laugh. He calls me all the time to “tell” on my mom. If she does something odd he will threaten her with, “I’m going to call, Kasey!” We’re both a bit bratty but we have good intentions. Mostly we just want to make everyone laugh and have a good time.

Father’s Day was dull without the Father around. We were going to barbeque for him but he got stuck in traffic on the return trip.

This weekend my Grandpa Bill had to go to the hospital. He had been having some stomach problems for awhile. Not feeling well, refusing to see anyone about it (why do guys do that? GAH!). So he ended up at Mercy, having to have an operation. They removed part of his lower intestine and he has lymphoma in his stomach and on his intestines. I might be explaining it wrong. Basically, he’ll be in there for at least 10 days. On Saturday he was in surgery for 3 hours, we waited around and when we finally got to see him he was out of it. High as a kite on morphine. I told him he was doing good. “What am I doing? I’m just laying here. What day is it? Where am I?” He did recognize my mom though. His best buddy. He didn’t want her to leave.

We headed back to see him yesterday. SOOO much better. He was back to his ornery, wonderful self. He was flirting with the nurses. He was telling people I was his oldest grandchild and the smartest. Damn right! He’s not too sick to realize that.
I guess last night his heart was racing so he’s in the CCU right now. I’ll head back down there after work. Take him some pictures and hang for a bit. We can declare to each other how great we are.

Anyways, my Dad got home last night too late for me to hang around and wait for. I bought him some herbs for Dad Day. Rosemary (he’s been on a hunt for it lately) and Bay (which was for selfish reasons. I want him to make me fish)
We’ll have to have Father’s Day 2.0 this coming weekend or something.


Becky Jo said...

What a rockin' tribute to the Dad's in your life. Your Dad is very cool... especially with a tattle-tale sense of humor. :)

I'm sorry your Grandpa is sick. Mine is too... in and out of the hospital with heart problems for two years now. He's going to be 90 years old next month.

P.S. I think it kicks azz that your Dad is wearing a Willie Nelson shirt in that second photo. He's gotta be cool if he digs Willie.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I am very sorry about your grandad, what a weekend fo him!
So that is wee little Kasey and your dad all those years ago???? Just wonderful!

Kasey aka Captain Awesome said...

Willy Nelson shirt AND a perm! Oh Dad.

I went and saw Grandpa after work. Took him some pictures so he can show off how awesome all of us are. I mean it's one thing to say it but photographic evidence is a whole different story. No one can dispute that.

Yes, that's wee little me and Dad. Party animals.

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