Monday, June 1, 2009

Capturing my Thoughts on Conan

I'm going to write on my thoughts on Conan's first night hosting the Tonight Show. I will not be watching the musical guest as I can't deal with Eddie Vedder and his lock-jawed singing and rolling his eyes into the back of his head. I don't know if he still does that but I haven't (and will never) get over it. I'm sure they're learning to live with the fact that they don't have me as a fan.

This opening took a lot of work. Conan is so wonderful. I bet he won't make one Monica Lewisnky joke! Or Lorena Bobbit or any other joke that should have stopped being told 10 years ago. But he does have Pearl Jam on...and they should have disappeared 10 years ago...Oh God! Don't do it, Conan! Don't become Jay Leno.
Tell us babies to "keep it cool"

Yes! String Dance. A good sign. Still self deprecating.

Well he is wonderful as ever! People said he wouldn't be as weird. Thus far he's being as weird.


I refuse to give it up for Jay Leno! Sorry, Conan. You can't make me.

I think Andy should go sit with him after the monologue. It's bizarre, the standing at the podium. Get in on the action, Andy.

I love America, too! I'm no commie.

Conan did a mighty fine job. I need more Andy. Here's Pearl Jam. Good-Bye.


Becky Jo said...

C'mon. You know you love Pearl Jam. Put on your favorite 90's grunge flannel and rock out. I didn't even bother to watch last night, because, well, I don't care. Sleeping seemed more exciting. Hopefully Conan can pull it off.... oh, and I'm glad he didn't tell a date psycho woman joke. Those bothered me.

Captain Awesome said...

I would put on my grunge flannel and listen to Nirvana.

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