Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Being Recreational Softball Super Fans

My friend Heath and I have quickly become super fans for our employer's recreational softball team.
It's not easy being a super fan. So far we've gone to 2 games.
Truth be told, we became super fans a little late into the season.

It takes a lot of trash talking to be a super fan. I mean A LOT. Luckily for our team, trash talking is one of our most honed skills.
We will call the other team names. We'll assume things about the other team's mothers. I'm sure they're true! Someone will have to prove the 3rd basemen isn't a day-shift hooker before I believe otherwise. Yes, I think having the clap does make you an easy out. Stupid haircuts make people run extra slow! That's a proven fact. Our biggest problem is restraining our trash talking. We wouldn’t want to get kicked out and miss out on watching our favorite team!

We are full of nothing but positive reinforcement for our team. We encourage them not to abuse drugs. Let them know that missing a catch isn't their fault and they shouldn't blame themselves. We scream, we shout, there is enough clapping to give me hand cramps. It’s exhaustive work but, anything for the team.

There are also a few accessories that go along with being a super fan. The first being a Krazy Straw Sports Bottle...for sporty drinks. Another is the official Super Fan T-shirt. We’re making it either this afternoon or tomorrow. We’ve got to find a t-shirt to iron our fuzzy orange letters on first and foremost. Once we have shirts we won’t have to keep declaring our super fandom. People can just read our shirts. The other team probably won’t be able to read them as they are most likely illiterate.



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

you can make your own fuzzy letter shirt at home????

Captain Awesome said...

Yes, sir. They sell those iron-on letters at craft shops.

Becky Jo said...

I can see the other team now from across the field, trying to sound out the words on your superfan t-shirt... "supp.. sup..supee... faaa..faaaan? what the hell is a suppeefaa?"

Captain Awesome said...

I know! Go back to grade school, opposing team!

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