Monday, May 25, 2009

WWKD? This Is What Kasey Would Do...

What if you come across a person and they look familiar to you, but you can't (for the life of you) remember why or from where? What in the hell do I do, especially if they remember me and start talking to me?

This is another excellent question from one of my readers.

My Mom and Dad were recently in a situation JUST LIKE THIS. They were at a greenhouse and a gentleman started speaking to my Mom. Using her name, asking about her life. Just totally recognizing her! She had no idea who he was. She smiled and said things like, "So you work here now?" He sure did! Then my Dad walked out, "There's the old man! How are you doing?" My Dad called back, "Oh Hey, Buddy! How are you?" No clue who he was.

So just ask questions about your surroundings. If you're at the mall, ask what they're shopping for. If you're at a gas station, "So what are you up to today?" Dig for context clues and smile a lot. Friendly smiles like the kind you find at Hy-Vee.
Use words like "Buddy" or "Dude" or nothing at all if you aren't comfortable with that. Just vague crap and move on. Don't try to make a new best friend.

You have to realize that you're special and people are going to remember you. It's one of the major drawbacks of being awesome.
I'll admit there are very few drawbacks to being awesome. It's nice for us to let those that are less awesome feel we remember them.


Mindless Jabber said...

That is the best advice I could have ever asked for. How do you know so much?

Captain Awesome said...

As you can see I was raised by the masters of deceptive recognition.

Anonymous said...

okay, ms. advise goddess...WWKD in this situation: you are at your grandma's graveside where they just buried her. You loved your grandma with all your heart. She was your life forever. She always fed you and made you cookies when you needed them most. She was, at times, the only person you felt cared about you. So anyway, you are standing there with your brother by the graveside, the family is around. Your crazy old uncle is beside you. He is drunk. But wait, you have never not seen him drunk. (Please don't tell Mr.Sales I used a double negative). So, you have cried your eyes out for 3 days now your crazy drunk uncle is standing beside you and he starts to make rude comments about two "hot babes" walking his way. He is like googling over them and it is like making you so ill. You look up and discover who he is saying this stuff about OVER HIS MOTHER'S GRAVE AFTER SHE WAS JUST BURIED AND IT IS HIS FUCKING EX WIFE AND HIS DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!! WWKD???

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