Friday, May 15, 2009

The Places I Go

Last night I took a trip to Kung Fu Tap & Taco. My friend has been a bartender there for awhile and this was my first time paying his a visit at his place of employment.

It was an exciting place and I’m for sure going back. I was only there for a little over an hour and I saw so many exciting things.

There was a dude (I rarely use that word, but he warrants the title) walking around with his shirt off, jean shorts and sandals. He told my friend that no matter how much he begs do not give him another beer. That was to be his last one. My friend just nodded at his declarations so shirtless dude said, “you fucker you’ll probably give me another won’t won’t you?” “Probably” Dude takes a few steps and apologizes for calling him a fucker, “you don’t deserve that” It was an awesome thing to be seeing at 6 pm.

It was unofficial bike night so there were a lot of bikers there. They all seemed to know each other and were very nice. One guy was talking about a funeral he went to prior to coming to the bar. “There was a good turn-out and it was for a good guy”

I could sit there and people watch all day. The regulars there made me wish I was a regular. A guy at the bar received a phone call and he shouted to everyone that “(whoever was on the phone) says ‘hi’” Everyone within ear shot shouted “hi” back.

Also, the bar stools are tree stumps. Awesome.

I took a few photos of the d├ęcor. I didn’t want to seem like a biker-bar-tourist so I kept them to a minimum.

Here is the chandelier over the pool table. Complete with a stuffed crow!

I thought this pinball game was called “Fish Taco” which I found hilarious until I looked closer and realized it was “Fish Tales”

The sign upon entering. I’m pretty sure the “FTW” on the hat means “F*ck the World” and not “For The Win” Freaking nerds, ruin everything.

I was told I have to go back to check out the bathroom. (I was planning on going back anyways) So I’ll keep you guys posted on what I find.

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