Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Car Was Violated

Last night someone keyed my car. All along the driver's side. It was a strange/anger-inducing thing to be faced with this morning.

What a weird thing to do to my vehicle. What did it ever do to anybody? Is it just soo flashy that it pisses people off? It's the spoiler isn't it? Someone had spoiler jealousy. I'm sorry but I need my spoiler so I don't take flight. Deal with it so you don't have to deal with me hovering above the streets.

Or is it the oh so fancy moon roof? Was someone jealous that I can wave to people out of the TOP of my car like some sort of head of state? Maybe.

Yes, that's right people. I'm fancy and I'm rubbing it in all of your faces in my Ford Focus!

My brother says that there are things that can be done. So eventually things will be done.

Who keys cars? Honestly. Trash-boxes. That's who.

P.S. This car isn't just mine. I share it with my 4 year old niece. Her and I have a pact to share everything. So way to ruin a 4 year old's car, puke bag.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

We find out who it is, we leave a pile of dog poo on their front step. Myabe set it on fire too.

Captain Awesome said...

I'm all for fire, dog poop and all of this.
Let's also include toilet paper.

Becky Jo said...

OMG. Kasey. >:| You find them and I'll 'take care of them'. That is infuriating. I own crappy cars, so that would just tick me off a little.... but the car of a 4 year old. Somebody's goin' down.

weeklyposition.com said...

I will feed them to my grandparents so they can be gummed to death!

Captain Awesome said...

This all sounds wonderful, dear readers.
Poop, violence and fatal gumming. They will rue the day they touched my shared Focus.

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