Monday, May 18, 2009

Me and My New Bike

I got a new bike at a garage sale this weekend. There was a citywide garage sale in Dallas Center. Dallas Center is where magic happens.

It’s breathtaking, as you can see.

It belonged to an older lady prior to my ownership. I plan to treat it just as good as she did.
She had new tires and brakes put on it recently so, it’s road ready.

Things I will be adding in the immediate future:

A horn. This bike is begging for a horn. That way I can alert people that they’re in the presence of greatness.

A basket. This is just a transfer situation. My old bike has a wonderful basket so this coming weekend my brother is going to help (by “help” I obviously mean he’s going to be doing all the work) me get my old basket on my new bike.

This bike and I are certain to be involved in many great adventures.


Becky Jo said...

That is a glorious bike. It's blue, the best color, and it has a light on the front! You could ride the bike trail at night and see the raccoons prior to being scared to death by them. :)

Captain Awesome said...

I think the light is my most favorite part.
I don't think I'm brave enough to ride it on the bike trail at night. I don't want to be eaten by monsters.

Eva M. said...

dude, i couldve given you slightly cooler, shinier blue bike of same orient (my gma) with side rear baskets for free! ive been holding onto it cuz i dont want a stranger to have it...crap. i used to ride it to the dahls on ingersol to get groceries, my fav story of when i lived there.

Captain Awesome said...

It's even cooler than this one?
Are you still holding onto it?

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