Friday, May 22, 2009

How I Met My Dog

My dog is a pound puppy. I’m not certain what she was doing there as she is the greatest thing that has ever lived but, there she was. This is the story of how her and I came to be the best of friends.

I’ve always wanted a pug. They are expensive little creatures so I didn’t think owning one was in the cards for me at that juncture in my life. I had read all the books the Johnston library offered about pugs and was fully prepared for when my time would come.

I visited the Rescue League one day to look at cats. I found one I liked and had already decided on a name for it. I asked them if they could hold it for me if I paid for it. I had to go get cat supplies. No. Alright. That seems psychotic but, whatever. All the power that these volunteers wield is a little off-putting. I come back and another family (whom may I add was a bunch of filth bags) were adopting my cat. For some reason I was devastated about this. I hadn’t known the cat for long but my plan was crushed.

I gave myself a cooling off period. I wasn’t ready to get my heart broken again.
A week later I’m back at the Rescue League, harboring a grudge.

There she was, in the cat section. My dog. A pug. Snorting and happy. I immediately asked to take her into the play room.

There we were, me and my dream dog, alone in a cement “play” room. She wouldn’t come to me. She went over to the door and was whining.

My heart was bracing itself for some irreparable damage. Dream dog hates me. This entire establishment is out to crush my spirit.

I lost it. I shout at this dog I have known all of 2 minutes. “WHY DON’T YOU LIKE ME!?!”

She goes over to the drain in the floor, pees and jumps up on my lap. SHE LIKES ME!

She wasn’t whining to get away from me, she was whining because she didn’t want to shame herself by urinating indoors.

I call my mom. (Always with the calling of my Mom!) and say “There’s a black pug here at the rescue league” Her response, “Get it!”

Got it.

I got Dink-E. The best dog that has ever lived. I ask her all the time why she was at the pound. She doesn’t answer. As she’s gone deaf this past year she can’t even hear my questions anymore. Her deafness doesn’t stop me from talking to her or lifting up her ear to yell “I LOVE YOU!”

So many stories these years we've been together but that's how we met.

That is the story of Kasey and Dink-E.


Becky Jo said...

OMG. Dink-E is so friggin' cute. When my mom got her first pug, Annie, I thought they were cute in an ugly smash-face sorta way, but I'm a little warmer to them than I used to be. Her second pug, Mugs, is in the dog mafia. She's all burly and chunky. They're both sniffing snarly weirdos, but oh-so cute. I'll try to remember to bring baby pug photos to the Art in the Park! :)

Captain Awesome said...

BABY PUGS! Oh my word I need to see those pictures! Baby pugs are THE CUTEST!
I love the snorting and snarling. They're such expressive little things.
Dink used to ALWAYS sneeze in my food. Always. I think so I wouldn't eat it and give it to her.

Becky Jo said...

I'm glad that you didn't continue eating the pug-snotty food. They're cute, but not kiss-on-the-mouth or snot food cute.

Oh, and I was going to tell you also that my Mom's dog, Mandy- that just passed away, was an Animal Rescue League Special. Sometimes the pound puppies are the best ones. :)

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