Monday, May 18, 2009

Gossip Girl—Chat buddy where are you?!

Since my Gossip Girl chatting friend isn't online to chat with me during GG I am going to write all my thoughts here for her to read.

Little J and her make-up/outfit are hideous.

Oh there's Rufus the dullard. Why are you letting your daughter dress like a day-shift hooker at her brother's graduation, Mr. Humphery?

Yes, Nate was a gigolo. Older ladies love flat ironed hair. Not many people know that. Now you do.

I think Little J must be getting a bonus for how many times she can say the word "monarchy" in this episode.

Rufus has a broken heart, time to write his next hit. I hope it's called Emo Dad.

Nelly Yuki is drunk? That must be why she thinks those glasses are ok, she's drunk 24/7.

What does Rufus do when he gets high? Proposes with garbage. Of course he does.

Oh all these loose ends for next season!!


Anonymous said...

i love it! i will have to read it before next season for a recap. you forgot to mention goth lil jay is queen b though!

Anonymous said...

oh the above was postd by lil e

Captain Awesome said...

lil E!
We need to find another show to be obsessed with. I enjoy our tv-viewing-chat times.

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