Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chicken Riots of '09

Today Oprah decided she would bless this great nation with free chicken coupons. Not even good chicken (Popeye’s) stupid grilled chicken at KFC. Well I'm sure it was KFC's idea but let's blame Oprah...

Now there are sit-ins because people can’t get their free chicken. Come on, America!

I find it strange that Oprah would even be sending people to KFC. She’s struggled for years with her weight and gone on liquid diets and this and she’s sending America for some free KFC? She’s trying to make America fat.

I’m sure all of you reading this know my thoughts on Oprah. Let’s recap what she’s done to us shall we:

Convinced America that Kids were having Rainbow Parties. What are Rainbow Parties? They are an urban myth.
James Frey. I’m more angry with Oprah for how angry she got that his book was an exaggeration then the book of exaggerations.
Rachael Ray.
Dr. Phil
And coming soon...
Jenny McCarthy of Singled Out fame. Most recently she’s been telling whoever will listen that vaccinations give their kids autism. You’re not a doctor, Jenny.


Mindless Jabber said...

I'm going to have to say Jenny McCarthy made her own self with her "Belly Laughs" and whatever those unintelligent novels were about having children.

Captain Awesome said...

I know she's written those books, been on TV, Scary Movie and what have you but it's Oprah that's giving her a television show. Harpo Productions.

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