Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bringing Joy and Art To the DC Park

Today was the big day. Art in the park. The day I feared for so long for reasons like: being embarrassed about my stuff being on display, not coming off like a socially awkward weirdo to strangers and all the usual anxiety that is just part of the joy of being me.

It was a good time though! I don't think I said anything too freakish to people, got to hang out with Becky, people liked my stuff and we were seated directly in front of the wine. Big ups to Denise for following through on my "special accommodations" that I would be needing. I actually never met her but that fact alone means she's an awesome lady. My Uncle Mike's EZ Tent was like a vinyl gift from God. (I think I just called my uncle god but, the statement stands.

It was great hanging with the Beckmeister. We were freaking out at first but then started to loosen up, worry less and have fun pricing things and being crazy. She brought zip ties and everything for me to actually have a set up. YAY FOR BECKY!

Becky's stuff was a smashing success! It was wonderful. Her stuff was all great. My brother ended up getting what he had been eyeing all day (and everyone else was also eyeing) a Toad Hut. An excellent purchase. I think Mrs. Rebecca is going to be a full-time potter really, really soon. Her stuff is too good for that not to happen. People were nabbing up her business cards like crazy. Also, there was almost a throw-down about one of her pieces. (That's right! A pottery fight! Only in Dallas Center)

Scott and his friend showed up early on which was awesome of them!!! They couldn't stay long as Scott had to work. His friend pondered removing his glittery shirt and hanging it up and selling it but he decided against it. (Bad choice, Adam)

Heath and Michael came cuz they are amazing. Here is what all they did today. They ran the Dam to Dam 20K! Those guys did 20K, went to the Farmer's Market, went to another market that was taking place downtown, came to my art showing, went to a bocce ball party and also had another party to attend after that!! All of this led me to the following conclusion.
The Deloreon in Back to the Future could run on
1. Plutonium
2. a bolt of lightning
3. Heath and Michael's energy
I was so happy to see them that I ended up singing "The Macerena"
Sometimes my excitement will lead to shame.

My family was like crazy helpful. Ok. My family is the best. THE BEST. There's not much more I can say than that. We're all like a united front of awesome. And my nieces helped the entire time. T named one of my paintings cuz she's a creative genius.

Anyways, a lot of people came up and I'm grateful for all of them. Thank you!

So here are some pictures. I think they're pretty self explanatory. I'm the painter, Beck's the potter. Twas a good day. Ok. The grill adorned with flowers at it's foot is not self explanatory. That is my memorial to all the animals that have gotten killed for me to enjoy some good eats.

Oh and I am happy I ended up NOT trying to sell my Chirpy books as I'm afraid the fine folks of DC may have attempted to lock me up and my parents would be shunned by the community. Just don't think it was that crowd's cup of anything.

So now I'm kicking back and enjoying a rum and root beer (don't knock it until you try it), eating Easy Cheese and watched a rerun of JT on SNL.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I didn't know you painted and WOW! And Becky says you sold the canoe painting and an order for another?

Becky Jo said...

I am so impressed with us. We rocked the DC Art in the Park. We had a good central location and the most kick butt eztent ever. I would go as far as to call your uncle a god. What would we have done without the eztent?

I'm glad the wirey things worked after we got them securely attached. I was worried the lack of feet was going to make them unruley, but we're smarter than wire racks. Nice. And yes, I would like a fisherman painting. :)

Your family is the best. My freaking out got downgraded to mild flipping out with your family there. Fun people.. and your nieces are so cute! I hope they get to play with their clay. Keep whatever they make and I'll fire it!

I'm glad Will bought the Toad Hut. His garden toads are no longer homeless. I've done my part to end the plight that is toad homelessness in Dallas Center, Iowa.

I can't believe Heath and Micheal did all that in one day. I was so tired after I got home. They are Energizer bunnies.

Overall, a kickbutt day. I can't wait for the DC Art in the Park next year. :)

deb said...

very awesome!! and yea my brother is like a God! i wouldn't have gotten through some things without him at my side!
I would love for you to paint my house sometime I will of course gladly pay you! Sounds like you had an awesome day!

deb said...

oh by the way I meant a picture of my house and surroundings!! Not like paint my house!!:)

Captain Awesome said...

Thanks, Deb! Of course. I know you wouldn't ask me to paint your house. That's what Uncle Jim is for!

Captain Awesome said...

Gary, Thanks yes the canoe painting is gone and the flowers. Thanks for all the support as we braced ourselves for the show!

aunt deb said...

I wouldn't have time to go get Uncle jim everyday to paint!! and then take him home!!! All the more reason why i put permanent siding!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) so how much to paint a pic for me

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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