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Hoarders: Ben & Robin & Kevin & Dildos

Hey internet! How are you? I'm doing well. Sorry I'm a couple days late with the recap, but I can't let A&E dictate how I live my life! Unless they start paying me. Everyone was sending messages like, "Did you see the hoarder with all the dildos?" And sadly I haven't, but I think I'm about to! I hope I'm about to. 

Let's all keep in mind that hoarding is a mental disorder that affects 9 million people. Never forget. I need a breakdown about how many of these hoarders are American. I feel we, as a nation, are responsible for a good chunk of that 9 million.

Ben & Robin, West Virginia
Psychologist: Mark Pfeffer
Cleanup Crew and Psychological Support: Cory Chalmers!

Ben is not a hoarder and Robin is not a hoarder according to Ben. So they're fine! Robin's a hoarder due to not taking the time to sort things out.

Amanda calls her parents hoarding tag team. Bill is their son. He came home when they got sick and saw the hoard. He is cooking pasta in the bathroom. There is something so wrong about that image. I wouldn't eat bathroom pasta. I won't even drink bathroom water. Water needs to come from the kitchen sink only.

Robin is just lounging around, reading her magazine called "Good Old Days". The topic that month is "Dancing the Night Away" which appears to be about square dancing. Can you imagine telling someone you work for "Good Old Days" magazine?

Ted, their son, joined the Marines straight out of high school to escape the hoard. Ben & Robin insist the house was all fine for the kids. 5 years ago Ben had bypass surgery and the kids shoveled things out of the house and burnt it. There was a "feud" going on for awhile over it. Robin says there's been a feud over her daughter being a control freak. Says the control freak that won't let garbage be thrown away.

Mark Pfeffer calls Ben & Robin, a love affair. The love story of our time. I guess it's sweet how they make excuses for each other. No one is blaming the other person like they usually do. They truly have each other's back on this hoard.

Cleanup has started and Ben is "squirreling away" items in his car. I can't wait to see what all he collects!

The brothers are throwing dead mice to each other across the room. They're having fun with it!

Amanda confronting her dad about his dirty underwear on the floor is making me really uncomfortable. Just throw them in the garage! Why bring them to everyone's attention and embarrass him?

Chalmers is pretty worried about the speed of the clean-up.

Robin & Ben have their bedroom door shut and want to keep everyone out. Do they have dildos and porn too!?

Amanda is offering to pay their rent to move into an apartment. Amanda calls her dad "Ben" so that's when you know a relationship isn't right.

Ted calls Amanda a "demon spawn of hell". Mark and Cory are going to mend this relationship. 
They've called a family meeting. The house is clean. Amanda needs to accept that they don't want to live in an apartment.

So, as you can guess, Ben & Robin still live in their home. They declined therapy, but use aftercare funds to have someone come clean their house once a week.

We never got to see what Ben was squirreling away in his car.

Kevin, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Psychologist: Suzanna Chabaud
Cleanup Crew and Psychological Support: Dorothy Breininger

Kevin is 54, he lives in a town home purchased in the mid-80's and lives his life as a single, successful guy!

The camera crew just HAD to give us a close-up shot on those feet. I don't blame them. Good for them, bad for my brain.

Debbie and Janelle are Kevin's sisters. Janelle says his house smells worse than a gas station bathroom. The standard barometer for all things filthy.

Kevin, the single and successful guy, has an incontinence problem and keeps a hoard of Depends next to his chair.

Joan is Kevin's mother. The last time she was in his house it was neat and clean. Now she aptly describes it as a trash dump/war zone.

He had just all sorts of health problems. Kev's been living in a hotel for a month so the home health workers don't see his house and condemn it.

Dorothy is here so you know she's going to handle business! Oh here it comes! Here comes the dildos...something he doesn't want to show the public. IT HAS TO BE THE DILDOS! He's making Dorothy hide whatever it is in the car.

Kevin's in a panic about his family being in his house cleaning the hoard. Oh they've spotted it. Pretty hardcore pornography and bibles. According to Dorothy it's a "massive porn collection". God this is wonderful! Could this be anymore wonderful?

Dorthy found a discovery no one was expecting. Is it the dildos!? Nope! Garter belts. Dorthy doesn't know if he collects or wears it. And why would she know that? There are also wigs. I hope they can get this cleaned up and display his wigs on mannequin heads so he can style them.

IT'S THE DILDOS!! "Oh my god!" Everyone says. "This is S&M stuff!" exclaims Dorothy. Here we go! He's got a mask! And now the sisters are breaking down in tears over it? I mean...I'd say compared to the garbage bag of dirty diapers this isn't really a big deal is it? It's just his thing! Their brother's sex life is none of their business. He didn't even want them to clean the house! He wanted it to just be the crew. Lay off!

"There's more to the porn." That's how Dorothy describes it. NUMEROUS DILDOS! You guys, there's a trash bag of diapers downstairs.  That's the problem. The dildos and stuff are funny, but nothing to cry about.

They got it all so clean and nice1 Kevin loves it!! He called his sister angels.

He's doing aftercare therapy and he's doing good!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Hoarders: Ruby & Mary

It seems like yesterday I was here blogging about Hoarders, because just yesterday I was here blogging about Hoarders. I hope next week they only show 1 episode a night. 2 hours is too much of a good thing.

Mama Ruby, Long Beach, California
Psychologist: Melva Green
Cleanup Crew and Psychological Support: Dorothy Breininger and 800-Got Junk

She thinks she's the worst kind of hoarder. We'll be the judge of that Ruby!

She keeps wigs hanging with her pots and pans! That's new. Life hack. Ruby goes shopping 3 times a week to keep her hoard growing.

Ruby bought a potted pant FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE of throwing it on top of her hoard! She brings it into the house and casually throws it on the pile. I need that as a gif.

Teenagehood: When Ruby's son, Chris, stopped being a good kid.

Jeremy, her adopted great grandson describes the house as, "It's junky, dude." So he instead chooses to hang out by an overpass.

Dr. Melva Green is here! I LOVE HER!! She's going to fix some things. It's going to get emotional.

Dorothy Breninger! She recently got engaged! What a wonderful lady!

Stamps! Do you now how much stamps cost? Because Ruby does! She's not taking well to the clean up. At all.

Dorothy has about had it with Ruby.

Jeremy is handling business! He's taking control of his space.

"My mink coat stays." -Ruby

Bing! Bang! Boom! Breakthrough! Throw it all away!

The house looks so nice!! Great job to everyone!

 Ruby is seeing an aftercare therapist.

Mary, Napa, California
Psychologist: Michael Tompkins
Cleanup Crew and Psychological Support: Matt Paxton and ServiceMASTER Restore Crew

She has a husband and 2 children (Michael and Maria). The kids have a "little section of floor" in the living room they can play in. They all sleep in the same bed.

"I wish the house was clean. There's these big piles and I think there's monsters hiding in the piles and they just jump out and scare me." -Michael, immediately breaking the world's heart.

Her grandmother died and Mary inherited her historic house in Napa. That was the hoard trigger.

"I'm sad because our house is dirty." -Maria

Napa had a 6.0 earthquake and the hoard fell in on the family! They couldn't get out and they smelled gas. Yet Mary says she's never put her kids in danger. They are "very able bodied".

Dr. Michael Tompkins is laying it all on the line. If she doesn't get rid of her hoard he will have to call child protective services.

Michael, the little charmer, is handling business with Matt Paxton! This is the cutest thing we're ever going to see on Hoarders!!

There's one of those Elf on a Shelf just laying in the hoard! That has to be upsetting for the children. Don't kids think those things are alive? Not this one.

UPS boxes are Mary's heroin. That's how Mad Pax explains it.

The kids are loving donating toys! Mary isn't happy with it, but the kids love it! They donate 80% of their toys. Mary is now digging through their donate pile.

Her husband Mike finally got brave enough to stand up to her and tell her she has to throw things away. He's passive no more!

Mary gave Matt permission to throw things away1 All it took was Michael Tompkins telling her, again, she's going to lose her kids. 

The house looks amazing! Great work by all tonight!!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hoarders: Jackie and Richard

I'm only watching one episode of Hoarders tonight. It has been pre-determined! I think watching 2 episodes in one night is one of the 5 decisions that leads to shitting in a bucket that Matt Paxton warned us about. Not me! Not today! Today I use toilets! ...and tomorrow I'll watch the 2nd episode.

Matt and the gang have been really encouraging us to watch on facebook. The Golden Globes are on tonight. Shameless starts tonight. The RHOA is on tonight. There's a lot going on, but Matt says if we all just record it and watch it by Wednesday everything will be fine, ratings-wise.

Jackie, San Leandro, California
Psychologist: Mark Pfeffer
Cleanup Crew and Psychological Support: Standolyn Robinson and 800-Got Junk

CUDDLY CUDDLY CUDDLY! Jackie love love loves teddy bears! She could work 16-18 hours a day (that is entirely too long to be working) and she could come home and hug and cry into her teddy bears.

"Just dolls and bears. It's over a million dollars." -Her son.
And Jackie just told us the most she's ever spent on a teddy bear is $5,000! Sometimes you just have to pay top quality prices for top quality bears. You know what...there's a situation with someone I know. They've got a Cabbage Patch Kid situation. The situation being, they have a hoard of Cabbage Patch Kids. I think I'm really going to learn a lot this episode. I hope. Paxton I know someone that needs you!

Jackie used to have a high paying job as a computer programmer, but after her son Gerald was seriously injured she stopped working. Her son was building explosives in his room. It exploded in his right hand. And she has kidney cancer. The caption said she stopped going to work because of her son, but do we think maybe the kidney cancer may have also played a role? For Christ's sake.

Her job gave her a million dollar severance package! Then she just blew it all on bears. Ebay got her. I can't even deal with ebay at this point in my life. The bidding is too stressful. I'll only use ebay if there's a "buy it now" option. I don't need that bidding stress.

Pfeffer is here! He's really grown on me. The man in black.

Jackie believes there's someone inside her house stealing her stuff so she carries around all of her most valuable thing at all times. Jackie has booby trapped her doors! What fun! I love her. "I'm dealing with a psychopath that has a vendetta against me and that's one of the worst things that can happen to anyone." Jackie explains to us. 

Jackie is being really positive about the clean-up. So that means a meltdown is about to occur.

Here's the meltdown. The bears. Jackie is convinced that strangers have been stealing her bears. She has a Pac Man arcade game in her garage!

Jackie needs all the hoard out so strangers can't hide behind it.

Mark Pfeffer thinks it's time they lay the delusions on the table. Her kids think they should focus on cleaning the house itself and maybe not bring up the fact that strangers aren't actually in her house. I agree with the family. This seems like a lot for her to take in.

We've got the leading expert on collectible bears here! He says Jackie was a very sophisticated collector.

The Teddy Bear expert has really stepped up to the plate here. He came for the teddy bears. He's staying for the emotional support.

Jackie apologized for acting out the previous day. Today she's all about it. She's ready to auction all of her bears!

Jackie wants it all gone. She's ready to start a new life! They had 3 truck loads of teddy bears and dolls sent off to auction.

Jackie's house is super cool! I LOVE IT!

Why is her friend trying take Jackie's credit away and give it to God? That was Jackie! Jackie did it.

She's determined to take back control in her life.

OH SHIT! Jackie changed her mind. She made them bring back the 3 truck loads of bears. Will her friend blame God? She accepted aftercare therapy, but doesn't except that she has paranoia.

Richard, Cotuit, Massachusetts
Psychologist: David Tolin
Cleanup Crew and Psychological Support: Matt Paxton aka Mad Pax and the ServiceMASTER Restore Crew

"I am a very loving man and I collect rubblish." -How Richard describes himself.

His house is a self proclaimed, "complete, slobby mess".

Judy is Richard's ex-wife. She's sad he's changed and is now a "shell of a man".

Richard's hoarding was triggered by a series of losses, one of them being the death of his daughter. She died when she was 3 months old. Richard said he felt very "uptight" about it.

Why does it say "previously recorded"? Why does it say live TV? OH! Is this that weird 1st episode from Lifetime? I REMEMBER NOW! This is so strange.

Paxton said on facebook he spent 2 weeks with this family.

I guess I don't understand why Harold is asking where he goes to the bathroom. He goes in the toilet. And we all know this because Harold lifts up his toilet lid with his cane to see with his own eyes. Where does this guy go to the bathroom!?

"It's more than I can handle Harold. I'm sorry. I'm a loser." This guy talks about himself like Donald Trump talks about everyone but himself.

A&E is doing a MUCH better job showing Richard's story than Lifetime did.

Richard was going great, but then the rusted tools came out and reminded him of his past as a plumber. He can't let them go.

Paxton and Richard fist bumped.

Richard wants to drink whiskey because its his prerogative, his choice and its what he's going to do. So now Tolin is suggested maybe an alcohol intervention.

The clean-up crew found the whiskey Richard was looking for. Tolin is stepping in for an intervention. Richard says he drinks about every 20 minutes. And no, drinking is NOT a problem for him.

Tolin let him know he's going to call Elder Protective Services on him. Richard isn't in the mood for it.

 Paxton has to explain it to the family how bad the house is. It's filled with mold. The house is destroyed. The county declares the house inhabitable.

Matt and Tolin found Richard mental health help and talked to the family to figure out who would let him stay with them.

Today Paxton stopped cleaning. He's never done that before.

He now lives in an assisted living facility.

We learned a lot tonight, guys. See you tomorrow.

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Hoarders: Roxann and Barbara and a Monkey

My friend recently cleaned up a hoard. He said it was really tiring and emotionally draining.
16 million people have hoarding disorder.

Roxann: Philadphia, Pennsyvania
Psychologist: Suzanne Chabaud
Cleanup Crew and Psychological Support: Standolyn Robinson and 800-Got Junk

Roxann is a former model, make-up artist and a mom. She's also a hoarder.

She has a baby, his name is Joaquin. He's the child of a hoarder.

"I'm not a hoarder. I just got a lot of stuff." 
She's an upcycler. I blame pinterest for this hoard.

Roxann has a boyfriend! His name is Richard. When he walked into the house he was a little bit shocked. He's a neat freak. They've been spending most of their time at his place.

"Yo dude. Chill. Just like, stop." Roxann's response to Richard cleaning.

Roxann actually asked for help! She called Hoarders on herself. This is a first. I think?

"When they objects go the emotions flow." -Chabaud


Let Roxann keep her table!  "My mom purchased this set in the 2000's, okay?!" I really don't think this relationship is going to work out. They're each using each other to torture themselves.

Roxann has a wall with a beach scene on it. And she's throwing a tantrum! She's left the house. So no one can clean for her.

The house is clean! Hopefully it stays that way. She is seeing an aftercare therapist and she's no longer seeing Richard. Well...surprise surprise.

"Barbara: Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
Psychologist: Mark Pfeffer
Cleanup Crew and Psychological Support: Matt Paxton and the ServiceMaster Crew

Mother of 10 children, a child hoarder. And she was a homemaker most of her life. Not this part of her life, but most of it. She finds herself to be a pack rat more so than a hoarder. She is obviously wrong.

One of her children accidentally burnt down their house. I bet he was in big trouble!

Barbara rejects love. She wants her kids to give up on her.

What's with the hanging monkey!? It's in the room she sleeps in.

Matt Paxon!! This house is a top 5 of hoard volume for Matt Paxton! I wonder if this is the house he posted a picture of himself in on facebook. I'll go look for it...

There's 2 people in that picture. Can you spot the camera man? Wonder if this is her house.

Paxton really gets through to these hoarders in a way that not anyone else can. He's calling it now, 15 dumpster job.

Do you think Barbara wears make-up everyday or is this because the cameras are on? Are her eye brows on fleek?

And now Barbara has stormed out of her house. She's crying. She's flipping out. They're throwing in the towel on the hoard and building paths. What the hell is the deal with these paths!?

Barbara is staying with her son for now. She still wants to move back in. She has an aftercare therapist but hasn't seen them yet.

Hoarders: Judy and the Pants

This is pretty weird. I haven't blogged about Hoarders in...I don't know. I should have looked that up before I started writing this blog. A&E dropped Hoarders after making a mockery of Hoarders with death metal music and slumber parties. Lifetime saw that A&E made a big mistake, HUGE and brought our Hoarders back to us. They started it off strange, but then they went back to classic Hoarders. Hoarders was flaunting it's post-breakup bod and A&E came crawling back! Hopefully they've grown and learned from their past mistakes. I guess we'll see.

Judy-Vancouver, Washington
Psychologist: David Tolin
Cleanup Crew and Psychological Support: Cory Chalmers and the 800-GOT JUNK Crew  

She's a former food service worker because of course she is. She's also a germaphobe because why not!? She has something against people that use the bus. She calls these people "low lifes". Just setting the "Judy's got issues" groundwork.

Maxine is a long-time friend and neighbor of Judy's and just a very proper lady that I love.

Michelle is a friend of Judy's too! Judy actually has lots of friends. I guess neither of these women are one of the dreaded "low lifes".

Maxine says Judy "sanitizes things in the sun, regularly". Maxine is trying to put a nice spin on the crazy, acting like that is a standard form of sanitation.

It's so weird to me that some people choose to call comics "funnies".  Get over yourself.

Sherri is Judy's daughter and she used to try to clean the house growing up. Judy rejected it. Sherri had to come home and "disinfect" herself if she went anywhere growing up.

David Tolin says that there's so much mouse poop it looks like an army of mice have been through. OH! And we've spotted an adult diaper stockpile, followed by poopy diapers in the tub. "There's a tub that was filled with crap and it's very disturbing." -Sherri

Judy feeds her mouse infestation! She has all of these lists everywhere. She can throw things away even though they are covered in mouse crap and urine is that there could be a "dollar or a list" in there. Imagine being on the receiving end of one of those dollars.

I think we can all agree that the Hoarders cleaning crew are more than cleaning crews. They seem to provide so much of the emotional support. I mean, I'm sure David Tolin is great, but who is getting through to Judy? Chalmers.

Tolin is sweating like crazy! He's wearing a long sleeve denim shirt so that can't be helping the heat.

Is Judy in a trailer park? Why are they trying to clean up and restore a trailer?

At some point next year maybe there will be a tiny house hoarding program.

"Its got mouse poop on it." -Sherri
"I know it! Everything does!" Judy exclaims, acting as if that makes it not garbage.

Is this piss covered Tweety Bird blanket more important to Judy than her daughter? Yeah, I think it is! What draws people to Tweety Bird? There's a certain type of person that gravitates towards Tweety.

"Those are good pants!" -Judy
"I'm not fucking around with you! Your life is crushing down on you and you want to talk about pants?!" -Tolin
I'd like a better look at these pants.

Is Chalmers crying? I think he's crying and whipped (not wiped, it was aggressive) away a tear. Judy can't face her hoard. Chalmers is out of there. He's going in for some "harm reduction" and making paths through the house. 

Judy has plans to return bottles for deposit. Don't we all, Judy?

Tolin likes beating hoarding and he didn't get to beat hoarding today. He's calling adult protective services.

Judy disappointed herself. She's begun rehoarding. She has accepted aftercare.

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As you can see this blog is mostly just out here, existing on the internet. It still gets comments and people still sometimes read it. Mostly after watching Hoarders or when they are trying to figure out why white pepper tastes/smells like manure.

I find a strange sort of comfort in the fact that all of this is just out here on the internet so I can't bring myself to delete it.

If any blog readers are out there thinking "I miss all this Kasey in my life." Well I have some news for you! I have a podcast now. It's called Nothing's Too Weird and it's a lot of fun and maybe you'd want to give it a listen!? Well if you would, here's a link

My friend Val and I started it last September and we've been having a great time!

We discuss things we think are normal and other people think are weird. Things other people think are normal and we find weird. It's us trying to navigate the world the best we can.

If you choose to listen, hope you enjoy it! Thanks for still visiting my blog! 


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Hoaders: Season Finale. Fuzzie, Fredd and Nancy

Well it's the end of a highly broken up season of Hoarders. It hasn't even felt like a season, just sporadic new episodes. What were you doing with that, A&E? You make such weird decisions sometimes. Chalmers mentioned on The Book that A&E hasn't signed Hoarders for another season.
Maybe they can't think of anymore weird gimmicky things for them to do so they've decided to just throw in the towel. They're tried slumber parties, death metal, dinner parties and make-overs. 

We just want things to be how they used to be. We want poop and people that think other people are stealing their 9/11.

Fuzzie and Fredd from Ohio. Fuzzie is an artist, musican and all-around slacker. (You see these artist hoarder situations?) Fredd is Fuzzie's wife.

They both had mannequins when they met so that's how they knew it was meant to be. For whatever reason Fredd is lazily applying halloween make-up as she's describing herself to us. These two seem to have a pretty bad case of trying too hard. They're just being weird to prove how weird they can be. This isn't 100% authentic weird. And Fredd just got to third base with her mannequin.

Jay is Fuzzie's brother. He seems very mild mannered. Actually both of their families seem very calm and rational.

Chuck is Fuzzie's dad and he is the most adorable little man you've ever seen. He's wearing a sweater vest for crying out loud. He found out they were living in a van so he bought them a house. They were supposed to pay him back, but they haven't. Chuck's also paying their bills. He's finally decided it's time they start paying bills. Chuck is 79 and he can't retire because Yeah, that's about the time right? Once you hit around...oh middle age. It's sort of like Girls!

Chuck also made the wise choice to buy Fredd and Fuzzie a warehouse. They consider it their "idiot's version of a 401K." I'm not 100% clear on what exactly happens with my 401K, but I'm pretty sure it's nothing like this.

Zach is Fredd's brother and he thinks they're lazy (because they are lazy). "Nobody wants to buy kazoo's man." This should be a fun evening.

Robin Zasio and her pale pink lips don't even know what to think of Fredd and Fuzzie's living room. They are just thrilled that Zasio finds it so weird. That's exactly what they are going for Zasio! Act like you're not impressed, that will crush them.

They have a basket of defective vibrators. Fuzzie figures he could use them in some kind of art project or something. Well, Sinead O'Rebellion.

They are so pleased that they have shocked, Zasio. I think Fredd and Fuzzie's favorite thing to collect is attention.

WHAT THE HELL IS PAXTON DOING HERE?! There is poop out in Washington! God dammit, A&E!

I guess he's here to do this. He's giving them "proper credit" for a bloody, scabby mannequin.
"Bucket full of Broken Vibrators" -Matt Paxton (Scott says it's a new Green Day song)

"I'm gonna say what I'm gonna say. You're 43 years old, man. How many hobbies can you have?" "It's not funny, man. You gotta get a damn job." Thank God for Matt Paxton! He is not treating them like they are shocking. He's treating them like middle-aged people that have never had a job. This is a man who has seen Target bags of poop. You can't shock him! Zasio has seen the same things, but she wears pale pink lipstick and someone that wears pale pink lipstick is always going to be shocked by scabby mannequins.

After Matt gave Fuzzie a bit of tough love he started throwing things away. Fredd and Fuzzie have started selling some things. They call a family meeting and present Chuck with $900.

"I've pushed Fredd and Fuzzie to get rid of that birthing table." Fredd's brother. The thought of losing it has Fredd crying. Now her brother is crying.They want to move it to their house for pictures and stuff. 

Zasio thinks this birthing table is a good reminder that Fredd and Fuzzie live a different lifestyle and that's why they are crying about the thought of losing their birthing table.

Chuck absolutely loves the home makeover! Matt stresses that they don't want them to change.

"We got the broken vibrators. You can still be yourselves without being held back." -Matt Paxton

Chuck adorably says that Fuzzie and Fredd have grown up a lot this week. I hope they have.

Nancy, Seattle Washington. 
Nancy is retired from the phone company and she's pretty sure she's a hoarder. She just likes collecting a lot. She appears to like VHS tapes and poop an awful lot. 

Michelle is Nancy's niece. She doesn't like to see poop on her aunt's floor.
Diane is Nancy's sister and she hasn't been in the house (prior to 2 years ago) since 1988. She has seen pictures though.

Janine is another one of Nancy's sister. I think maybe she's around more? I can't tell. She seems more angered by the hoard.

Nancy wanted to adopt a child from India. She had it all set up, but then India decided to not adopt children to people over 40. This sent Nancy into a hoarding "tailspin".

All of the hoarders this evening have nice computers. They're probably out there Catfishing people. Stay safe out there, internetters!

Dr. Michael Tompkins smelled the house from the street. And now he's in full-on toxic waste regalia.

Nancy is blaming the dogs for knocking garbage all around the house. Everytime she's about to take out the trash they go knocking it all around the house.

The floor is almost entirely made of poop. Dr. Tompkins asks her if she knew the dogs were pooping in the house. She had some idea. I think the poop on the floor is a pretty good clue that the dogs are pooping on the floor.

Dr. Michael Tompkins won't say the word "hell"! He just said, "It went to heck."

If Paxton isn't here in this poop...it's Cory. This is his chance in the poop. Cory calls poop "feces"! HAHAHA! Oh Cory.

I don't know, Dr. Tompkins is all talking about Dante's Inferno and stuff. He's so serious. Maybe they didn't read the required high school reading. Maybe they have no idea what your metaphor even means, Michael.

"How is that still a show? Its been confirmed that it's fake!" -Scott about Storage Wars. Yes, and somehow they haven't signed Hoarders up for another season. Storage Wars continues until the end of time.

Nancy's gas mask has her name magic markered on it. Do you think they get to keep their gas masks? I bet Fredd and Fuzzie have at least a dozen gas masks in their hoard.

After cleaning up all the poop they realized that the house is falling apart and that Nancy can't live in the home. Dr. Tompkins wants her to relocate closer to her sisters. She's been isolated and depressed. Her niece has a place for her. They are salvaging items from the home to take to her new place.

She's working with an aftercare therapist and going to sell her home as-is to move closer to her family.
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